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Got a favorite model rocket or High Power kit you`d like made with fiberglass? Let us know!

Jolly Logic Chute Release!
Awesome chute release device!

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New Performance Hobbies Fiberglass Kits!
Awesome new kits like the 6" Big Red and Performer 150!

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7.5" Mud Dauber from Performance Hobbies Fiberglass Kits!
Also available in 3", 4", 5.5" and 6" versions!
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Performance Hobbies Filament Wound Nosecones

High quality fiberglass nose cones!
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Performance Hobbies G-12 airframes, couplers and nosecones in Stock!
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Back Issues of Rockets magazines in stock for $5.00 each.
Back issues of High Power Rocketry magazines, $5.00 each
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Aerotech Hardware Seal Disks in stock!
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New Thickwall Couplers!
11.44" x 24" x .190" thickwall couplers $25.00 each
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Improved Estes couplers!
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All T-Shirts only $10!
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Tripoli 12 ounce coffee mugs. Black mug with a blue and white Tripoli logo. Makes a great stocking stuffer.
Going fast!

Experimental Composite Propellant, By Terry McCreary!
The book you need to learn about making solid propellant. Now in stock! Click here to order!

Aerotech 24/40 and 29/40-120 hardware in stock!
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New Snap Ring Pliers!
These snap ring pliers will fit any size Kosdon, AMW, APS, DPS, or any experimental snap ring motor application. Only $9.95 each!
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