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Badd Azz Rocket Kits

Uniquely designed kits with high-end features, including:

BUILT IN 6061 Motor retention
6061 centering rings
6061 bulk heads
Rail Buttons or machined Lugs
CNC machine fins !
Moulded or CNC turned Nose cones
Kevlar and or shock cord
Chutes by TOP FLIGHT!!

Rocket Kits

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Defender MK 3 Kit
$175.00Out of stock
Space Cowboy Kit
$250.00Out of stock
Space Cowboy Kit + extras
Kit plus chute, Kevlar, and 38mm motor adapter/retainer
$280.00Out of stock
Thresher Kit

2.375in Diameter.
27.5in long 29mm Rear Deploy.
Cp 19"
CNC cut Nosecone.
CNC cut Motor Retention.
20 oz Built.
CNC cut Fins.
Rail Buttons.
18" Chute.
Kevlar Shock Cord.
Vinyl Decal.
$60.00Out of stock
ZZTar Kit - Single Deploy
$75.00Out of stock
ZZTar Kit - Dual Deploy$100.00Out of stock

See the build thread here
$50.00Out of stock

$95.00Out of stock
Das BLITZZKRIEG Kit w/ Adapter
Includes 29mm MMT Adapter
$110.00Out of stock
Defender MKII
$45.00Out of stock
White Wizzard

Sexiest Night Launch Rocket ever made!
Plenty of LEDs, Custom Machined Airframe and Tube fins!
Fins and airframe alone worth $100.00!
Ave Bay & Charge cups
38mm only
$150.00Out of stock
Mizz Rhonda

$210.00Out of stock
$75.00Out of stock

Rocket Kits

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