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The Rocket Recovery Controller 3 (RRC3) is a barometric dual- deploy altimeter, with the features of high-end units, at the cost of those with a more modest feature set. In addition to basic dual-deploy capability, the RRC3 is a multi-flight recording unit, allowing you to fly all day, without the need to stop and download data in between flights. The RRC3 also provides a third, highly flexible and programmable ``Auxiliary`` output which can provide staging, airstarts, backup events, and a host of other applications. The RRC3 can also support real-time data streaming capabilities in flight for telemetry or for interface with other custom control systems. Despite this unrivaled suite of intrinsic capabilities and expandability, the RRC3 still maintains its simple "buy it and fly it" operations.


Architectural Features

  • 16MHz 16-bit MSP430 Series mCU
  • 8Mbit SST Flash Memory
  • MSI MS5607 Pressure sensor
Note: This high resolution altimeter sensor has a 24 bit ?S ADC, with internal factory calibrated coefficients which provide a precise digital 24 bit pressure and temperature. The RRC3 design also provides a dedicated "baro- only" regulated power system and applies other noise reduction techniques to further accurize pressure data.

Operational Ranges

  • Sport Unit: 40K MSL
  • Xtreme Unit: 100K MSL
Note: For high reliabilty purposes, the ``Xtreme" Altimeter replaces the standard RRC3 electrolytic brownout capacitor with a solid-dielectric type for operations in virtual vacuum and near space conditions. Electrolytic capacitors have (semi- )liquid dielectrics, which can boil off in vacuum.

Power Requirements

  • 3.5 VDC to 10.0 VDC / Optimized for 9V battery power
  • 6ma @ 9V quiesecent / 35ma @ 9V during piezo and LED operation


  • Length 99.5mm (3.92")
  • Width 23.5mm (0.925")

Output Events

  • Drogue / Main / Auxiliary
  • 5A @ 9V current sinking

Flight Data Recording

  • 15 flights with ~28 minutes of data per flight
  • Each flight logs 20Hz altitude/velocity and 1Hz temperature/battery voltage

Flight Data Telemetry

  • 0.5Hz or 1Hz 9600 bps configurable serial stream
  • Timestamp, Altitude, Velocity, Temperature, Events

HMI Feedback

  • Programmable frequency and extra loud 85dB magnetic buzzer
  • High efficiency red LED status indicator

Expansion Peripherals and Accessories

  • USB-IO PC interface dongle to capture recorded flight data
  • Plug in LCD Terminal for quick field configuration and data retrieval
  • mDACS PC application for advanced flight analysis, configuration, and testing
  • Smart Pyro Board with extended timing and power capability (in development)
  • GPS / Telemetry package (in development)
  • Bluetooth communication module (in development)
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PET 2 Timer$49.95Out of stock
  • Digitally encoded 900 MHz spread spectrum operation
  • Robust, redundant communications protocol ensures high reliability
  • 2 independent remote control channels with 12 amp FET outputs
  • Minimum 2 mile line of sight in air operation with 300mw transmitter power
  • RF groundplane on PC with high reliability surface mount construction
  • Interface daughter board isolates user connections from the RF assembly
  • Ideally suited for redundant recovery system backup or remote aerial staging applications
  • 16 bit exclusive transmitter ID allows independent operation / no impounding R/C units
  • No FCC licensing required / Part 15 compliant
  • Push button shroud on transmitter prevents accidental triggering
  • Single pushbutton operation - no ON/OFF or toggle switch combinations required
  • Audible ejection charge continuity check with 10 µa sample current
  • Dual antenna system integral to receiver board / no external antenna required
  • Compression terminal strips for battery, external switch, and ejection charge wiring
  • DL-123A 3V lithium battery included for transmitter rated for 1-2 years continuous operation
  • 11-14 Vdc external battery required with 40 ma quiescent @ 12Vdc
  • Receiver board dimensions - 3.25" height x 5.5" long
  • Receiver weighs only 2.8 oz.
  • $399.95Out of stock


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