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Performance Hobbies Fiberglass High Performance Kits

The Performer 150 in action featuring a Loki Research M1882 White. Image credit Mitch Guess.
Rocket Kits

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Performer 38
44" tall - Includes 38mm x 24" airframe, 38mm x 12" payload, 6" x 4" coupler with double side G-10 bulk plates for altimeter bay, 29mm x 12" G-12 motor mount, two 38mm x 29mm G-10 centering rings, a 38mm 5.5:1 filament wound G-12 fiberglass Von Karmin nosecone and three beveled 3/32" G-10 fins.
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Performer 54
6 foot tall Kit includes a 54mm x 36" G-12 airframe, 54mm x 24" G-12 payload section, 54mm x 1" G-12 switch band, 54mm x 6" G-12 coupler, two 54mm G-10 airframe/coupler bulkplates, 54mm 5.5:1 filament wound G- 12 fiberglass Von Karmin nosecone and 38mm x 16" G-12 motor mount tube.
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Performer 75
This kit is 7 foot 6.5" tall! Comes with a 3" x 48" air frame, 24" payload section, 2" switch band, 8" coupler with two 1/8" G-10 air frame and coupler bulk plates, a nosecone bulk plate, three 1/8" G-10 centering rings, 1/8" G-10 beveled fins and 5.5:1 G-12 filament wound Von Karmin fiberglass nosecone. 54mm x 24" G-12 motor mount
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Performer 98 High Performance kit
8 feet tall! This kit has a 48" pre slotted G-12 airframe, a 2" G- 12 switch band, 24" G-12 payload section, 4" x 12" G-12 coupler, 4" 5.5:1 Von Karmin filament wound fiberglass nosecone with aluminum tip, 75mm x 24" G-12 motor mount, (3) 1/8" G-10 centering rings, a 1/8" G-10 nosecone bulk plate, (2) 1/8" G-10 airframe bulk plates, (2) 1/8" coupler bulk plates and (3) 3/16" G-10 beveled fins.
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Performer 125
126” tall or 10 feet 6” tall, this kit includes a 75mm x 30” G-12 motor mount, 5" x 60” G-12 slotted airframe, 5" x 36” G-12 payload section, 2" G-12 switch band, 5" x 12" coupler, three 5" x 75mm G- 10 centering rings, two G-10 airframe bulk plates, three G-10 coupler bulk plates, one for the nosecone, three 3/16" G-10 fins beveled top and bottom, 5" filament wound fiberglass 5.5:1 Von Karmin nosecone with aluminum tip.
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Performer 150 High Performance kit
6" diameter x 12 foot tall! Performer 150 high performance rocket kit. This is the ultimate heavy duty kit capable of flights from K thru O motors. This kit includes a G-12 6" x 60" air frame & 48" payload, 3" x 6" switch band, 6" 5.5:1 x 33" Von Karmin G-12 filament wound fiberglass nosecone with aluminum tip, 98mm x 30" motor mount, three 1/8" thick G-10 centering rings, a 6" x 16" G-12 coupler, two 1/4" G-10 air frame to coupler one piece bulk plates, one 1/8" G-10 nosecone bulk plate and three 3/16" beveled G-10 fins.
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Performer 200 High Performance kit
This kit is 13 feet 6" tall! Comes with two 8" x 60" G-12 airframes, a 2" switch band, an 8" x 18" coupler, two 1/8" G-10 air frame and three coupler bulk plates, three 1/8" x 98mm G-10 centering rings, three 3/16" G-10 fins, a 98mm x 30" G-12 motor mount and an 8" x 40" filament wound G-12 fiberglass 5:1 ogive nosecone with aluminum tip. Optional 6.2" 152mm motor mount and centering rings. Add $150.00
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Rocket Kits

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