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Featherweight Altimeters


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Raven III Altimeter
Only 1.8" long, the 4-output, next-generation Raven has all the features (and then some) you would expect from the most powerful flight computers on the market, but compared to its closest competition, it`s less than half the size and significantly less expensive. You can fly it right out of the box using the default redundant dual-deployment settings for the outputs, or use the easy-to-use Featherweight Interface Program to set up any staging or airstart events you can dream up.

Raven Features: Lots of high-quality recorded data:

  • 440 Hz axial accelerometer, +/- 70 Gs
  • 220 Hz lateral accelerometer, +/- 35 Gs
  • 250 G single-axis accelerometer available as an option
  • 20 Hz Baro data, +/- 0.3% accuracy!
  • 20 Hz voltage on each of 4 deployment outputs
  • 40 Hz output current
  • 20 Hz high-precision temperature sensor
  • 20 Hz for All flight events used for deployment logic.
  • Flight counter
  • All output program settings
  • Accelerometer calibrations used during the flight
  • Pad altitude ASL
  • 3:20 minutes of high-rate data per flight + 36 minutes

4 high-current, programmable outputs:
  • 9-Amp outputs compatible with all batteries from a single Li-Poly cell to a 14V pack.
  • Default output settings:
    • Mach-immune, accelerometer-based apogee deployment
    • Main deployment at 700 feet
    • Baro-based backup apogee deployment
    • Backup deployment 1.5 seconds after main deployment
  • Additional user-selectable output logic options can be selected in combination for each output:
    • Accel > user value 1 (ignition detection)
    • Accel < user value (burnout detection)
    • Filtered pressure increasing (baro apogee detection)
    • Filtered pressure decreasing (for staging)
    • Time > user value (simple timer)
    • Time < user value (vertical staging check)
    • Altitude < user value 1 (low altitude deploy)
    • Altitude > user value 2 (vertical staging check)
    • Velocity < 0 mph (apogee detection)
    • Velocity < user value 1 (Mach inhibit)
    • Velocity > user value 2 (staging input)
    • Time delay after other conditions met (backup)
  • All of the above flight events are recorded at 20 Hz in the Flight Event Register, great for verification of the altimeter functions in test flights or simulated flights.
  • Screw terminal with 0.1" spacing

Only 1.80" long x 0.8" wide!

$155.00Out of stock
Raven II EBay - 38mm

Included in the kit:
  • One active bulkhead, including arm switch, and connectors for the Raven and battery
  • A passive bulkhead that goes at the other end of the av-bay.
  • A li-polymer battery capable of 9 Amps of current.
  • Threaded rods and lots of extra nuts.
  • A laser-cut plywood battery restraint.
  • Neodymium magnet with 1" arming activation range.
  • 38mm version even includes a built-in battery charger, available separately for the 24mm and 29mm versions.
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