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PML Electronics


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PML Co-Pilot Altimeter
The ALL-NEW Public Missiles Ltd. Co-Pilot v2.0 altimeter was developed exclusively for Public Missiles Ltd. by Missile Works Corp., and was designed specifically for PML’s CPR3000 Recovery System (though it can also be used in other applications as well, such as scratch-built deployment systems).


  • Same footprint as the original Co-Pilot.
  • On-board 9volt battery with heavy-duty mount and lockdown.
  • Sea level to 40,000 MSL operational capability
  • Works perfectly with any PML CPR-3000 or CPR-MAX kit.
  • Clearly marked, dedicated "large-screw" compression terminals for connecting On/Off switch and ejection charges.
  • User selectable main chute deployment altitude.
  • Works just like original Co-Pilot in default mode, but has MANY new advanced features such as Drogue Delay, Main Delay, multiple Main AGL settings, Mach Inhibit (and more!) that are user-selectable (see link to instructions below for details)


  • Interactive menu programming and operation via pushbuttons and LED`s... NO DIP SWITCHES
  • All User setpoints are stored in non-volatile EEPROM
  • 2 complete setpoint "profiles" are available by the flip of a switch for programming or flight ops
  • All flight data is stored in non-volatile EEPROM for post- flight recall, even across power cycles
  • Complete on-board diagnostic capability, including battery voltage, current MSL elevation, input and output test modes, and more.
  • Post-flight log data such as peak AGL elevation, peak velocity, time to apogee, and more!

    Click here for the PML Co-Pilot v2.0 Altimeter Instructions in PDF format.

    Click here for the PML Co-Pilot (Original CoPilot) Altimeter Instructions in PDF format.

    Click here for a training video from MissileWorks, the manufacturer of the PML Co-Pilot v2.0 Altimeter. This video covers the MissileWorks RRC2 Mini altimeter, which is functionally the same as the CoPilot 2. Components are in slightly different locations, but the operation is identical. This video is 5.6Mb in size, 5 min. 20 seconds long, and covers programming the CoPilot2/RRC2Mini.

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