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G-Wiz Altimeters

G-Wiz LC, LC Deluxe 400 and LC Deluxe 800
State-of-the-art Flight Computers!

Low-cost and packed with features!

Small enough to fit BT-50 payload sections!

The G-Wiz series of electronic payloads are designed to meet the safety and performance needs of model and high power rocket fliers. They use accelerometers for sensing motion, high-current outputs to ignite airstarted motors and ejection charges, and high-performance RISC processors to monitor the flight and record altitude data.

Designed by Robert Briody and Larry Lynch-Freshner, the new G-Wiz units are being offered through a limited number of retailers. Pratt Hobbies is proud to be able to bring these fine units to our customers.

The G-Wiz units require two common 9V batteries. G-Wiz units are easily mounted in electronics bays and payload sections; the easiest way we've found is to use #4 screws through the side of the compartment into the threaded mounting lugs on the G-Wiz board. Igniters and ejection charges are attached to the G-Wiz with screw-type terminals, so you don't need any special connectors.

The accelerometer senses liftoff and burnout of the booster motor. Pyro Channel 1 can be set to fire airstarted motors in a cluster, which means that your cluster motors fire only after launch is detected. Or, it can be set to fire a second stage after the accelerometer detects booster burnout. Pyro Channel 2 fires at apogee. On the LC Deluxe 400, Pyro Channel 3 can deploy the main parachute at 400 feet above ground level. The LC Deluxe 800 activates Pyro Channel 3 at 800 feet. After the flight, the peak altitude is displayed by counting the blinks of the status LED.


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