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Kosdon TRM Rocket Motor Hardware

KOSDON TRM reloadable rocket motors, also known as Truly Recyclable Motors, are machined from high strength seamless 6061T6 aluminum tubing. The forward closure (delay & ejection charge head) is machined from 6061 aluminum and the nozzle is of graphite, which is good for at least 20 firings! The forward and graphite nozzle are sealed to the casing with o-rings of high temperature resistant silicone rubber. The o-rings are good for many firings. The nozzle doesn't have to be removed between re-firings over a two or three day period.

The design philosophy of the KOSDON Reloadable (TRM) is elegance, simplicity and functionality. On each end of the motor casing an internal groove has been precision machined. The grooves are for snap ring fasteners which hold in the nozzle and forward closure. The delay element does not have to be under compression in order to seal nor in contact with the propellant grain to ignite.

KOSDON Motors are manufactured in SAE sizes which closely match the metric standards used in model and high power rocketry. The 1" motor will fit into a 29mm mount with an adapter available from KOSDON. The 1-1/8" motor measures 28.575mm, and fits into a standard 29mm mount. The 1-1/2" motor measures 38.100mm and fits into the standard 38mm mount. The 2-1/8" motor measures 53.975mm and fits into the standard 54mm mount.

Complete Motor Kits Include:
1 - Motor Casing
1 - Re-Usable Graphite Nozzle
1 - Forward Closure (Either Delay Or Plugged)
3 - Snap Rings
3 - Silicone O-Rings
1 - Metal Nozzle Washer (Not Req'd on 1" Motors)
1 - 1/2 X 13 Bolt ( For Removing Forward Closure)
2 to 4 - Metal and/or Rubber Washers For Delay Column (# Varies with Delay Element Design)

Snap Ring Pliers Are Required For Assembly And Disassembly. Motors do not include propellant which must be ordered separately as a reload kit.

Motors > Kosdon TRM Rocket Motors and Hardware

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TRM 1.0 Motors | TRM 1.12 Motors | TRM 1.5 Motors
TRM 2.1 Motors | TRM 2.5 Motors | TRM 2.98 Motors
TRM 3.98 Motors

TRM 1.0 Motors
1.0-354.27"$50.50Out of stock
1.0-1056.94"$53.00Add to Cart
1.0-20010.94"$55.00Out of stock
1.0-25015.06"$59.00Out of stock
1.0-31019.25"$64.00Out of stock
TRM 1.12 Motors
1.12-25011.44"$66.00Out of stock
1.12-31015.10"$66.00Add to Cart
1.12-37018.34"$70.00Add to Cart
1.12-47023.53"$73.00Out of stock
TRM 1.5 Motors
1.5-390 used10.15"$74.00Add to Cart
1.5-51012.35"$109.00Add to Cart
1.5-565-64014.55"$110.00Add to Cart
1.5-80018.73"$124.00Add to Cart
1.5-90022.67"$126.00Add to Cart
1.5-111629.11"$138.00Out of stock
TRM 2.1 Motors
2.1-330$138.00Add to Cart
2.1-7009.85"$138.00Add to Cart
2.1-105012.85"$143.00Add to Cart
2.1-1400 Usef15.85"$104.00Add to Cart
2.1-1750 AMW Unanodized case with new bulkhead & nozzle$160.00Add to Cart
2.1-2000$160.00Add to Cart
2.1-2550 Unanodized AMW with new bulkhead & nozzle28.66"$165.00Add to Cart
2.1-330043.85"$200.00Out of stock
TRM 2.5 Motors
2.5-115010.92"$189.00Out of stock
2.5-135012.12"$189.00Out of stock
2.5-172514.57"$200.00Out of stock
2.5-202516.37"$200.00Out of stock
2.5-230018.32"$215.00Out of stock
2.5-270020.72"$215.00Out of stock
2.5-330024.92"$220.00Out of stock
2.5-520048.39"$248.00Out of stock
TRM 2.98 Motors
2.98-11009.6"$198.00Add to Cart
2.98-250014.5"$230.00Add to Cart
2.98-350019.6"$270.00Add to Cart
2.98-470026.0"$275.00Out of stock
2.98-6000 used30.9"$210.00Add to Cart
2.98-7600 Used40.9"$280.00Add to Cart
2.98-10,00055.7"$435.00Out of stock
TRM 3.98 Motors
1.12-1508.10"$64.00Add to Cart
3.98-16,000$650.00Out of stock

Motors > Kosdon TRM Rocket Motors and Hardware

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