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Estes Rocket Kits

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Rocket Kits

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Rocket Powered Race Sets | Model Rocket Starter Sets | Mini Engine Model Rocket Kits
Standard Engine Model Rocket Kits | Estes Educator | Model Rocket Accessories/Parts

Saturn V Skylab
4” diameter 1/100 scale
$99.99Add to Cart
2.6" Maxi Brute Honest John Limited Edition$120.00Add to Cart
1/100th Saturn 1-B$69.99Add to Cart
1/200 NASA SLS Ready to fly.$69.99Add to Cart
Little Joe II$53.99Out of stock
Little Joe I$32.99Add to Cart
Nike Smoke$24.99Add to Cart
Black Brant III$14.99Add to Cart
Nike Apache$17.99Add to Cart
Honest John$28.99Add to Cart
US Army Patriot Missile M-104$18.99Add to Cart
V-2$26.99Add to Cart
Nike X$21.99Add to Cart
Interceptor$29.99Add to Cart
Photon Disruptor $21.79Out of stock
Photon Probe *$21.99Out of stock
Phoenix Bird$23.99Add to Cart
Star Trooper $6.99Add to Cart
Twister -$16.29Add to Cart
Marauder -$14.99Out of stock
Hornet $19.49Add to Cart
Hyper Bat $17.99Add to Cart
Twin pack of Mini Motor flyer saucers.
$13.99Add to Cart
Estes Jetliner *$13.99Add to Cart
Astrobeam Model Rocket Launch Set -
5 different LED colors, great for night launches! Includes launch pad and controller!
$49.99Out of stock
3” Der Red Max “NEW”$49.99Add to Cart
Citation Patriot$26.99Add to Cart
Eggscaliber * $25.99Add to Cart
Mean Machine$32.79Add to Cart
Space Ship One 4" -$69.99Add to Cart
Hi Flier XL$21.99Add to Cart
Estes Astrovision Digital Camera rocket kit$49.99Add to Cart
Sprint XL$19.99Add to Cart
Extreme 12$32.99Add to Cart
Protostar$30.99Add to Cart
SLV$35.99Add to Cart
Astron Explorer$27.99Add to Cart
Starship Nova$24.99Add to Cart
Executioner$34.99Out of stock
Explorer Aquarius$38.99Add to Cart
Astron Explorer$27.99Add to Cart
Magician$23.99Add to Cart
Big Daddy$34.99Add to Cart
Rocket Powered Race Sets
Model Rocket Starter Sets
Mini Super Shot -$20.99Add to Cart
RTF Rascal & HiJinks Model Rocket Launch Set (2 kits) -
Includes model rocket launch pad, launch controller and two Ready To Fly model rocket kits.
$32.79Add to Cart
The Dude.$33.99Add to Cart
Rascal and HiJinks 2 starter set$35.99Add to Cart
Zombie rocket and starter set.$29.99Add to Cart
Solar Scouts 2 Rocket launch set$32.99Add to Cart
Mini Engine Model Rocket Kits
Mosquito$6.99Add to Cart
Bandito *$10.99Add to Cart
Firehawk $10.99Add to Cart
Firestreak SST *$10.99Add to Cart
X Prize Lucky Seven -$9.99Out of stock
X Prize Gauchito -$10.99Out of stock
220 Swift -$6.99Out of stock
Gnome *$10.34Add to Cart
Cruise Missile -$19.99Out of stock
Standard Engine Model Rocket Kits
Alpha *$13.49Add to Cart
Maxi Alpha III *$15.99Add to Cart
No. 2 Estes Sky Writer *$13.99Add to Cart
Baby Bertha *$13.99Add to Cart
Cosmic Cobra -$14.99Add to Cart
Scissor Wing Transport -$22.99Out of stock
Wizard *$10.34Add to Cart
AstroCam 110 -$29.99Out of stock
Yankee *$10.34Add to Cart
SR-71 Blackbird -$24.99Out of stock
Big Bertha *$24.99Add to Cart
Viking *$10.34Add to Cart
Zinger$19.98Add to Cart
U.S. Army Patriot M-104 *$19.99Add to Cart
Mongoose *$14.99Add to Cart
Renegade -$19.99Out of stock
Outlander -$25.00Out of stock
Python 4 Asraam -$20.00Out of stock
Gemini DC -$25.00Out of stock
Fat Boy -$25.00Out of stock
Mini Fatboy *$12.99Add to Cart
Sizzler *$10.79Add to Cart
Hi-Flier *$8.54Add to Cart
Guardian -$19.99Out of stock
Chrome Domes Gold Series-$12.99Out of stock
Wacky Wiggler -$19.99Out of stock
Shuttle Express *$17.54Out of stock
Meteor Masher -$25.00Out of stock
Eagle Boost Glider -$19.99Out of stock
X Prize SpaceShipOne -$24.99Out of stock
X Prize Thunderstar -$29.99Out of stock
X Prize Eagle -$29.99Out of stock
Bull Pup 12D *$17.54Add to Cart
Blue Ninja -$19.61Out of stock
StormCaster -$29.99Add to Cart
CC Express *$18.44Add to Cart
Comanchee 3 -$21.99Add to Cart
Eliminator *$29.51Add to Cart
Executioner -$59.99Add to Cart
Screamin Mimi -$29.99Out of stock
Oracle -$150.00Add to Cart
X Prize Canadian Arrow -$29.99Out of stock
X Prize Rubicon -$35.00Out of stock
X Prize Cosmos Mariner -$39.99Out of stock
Estes Educator
Gnome Bulk Pack (12 pack) *$111.58Add to Cart
Alpha III (12 pack) *$95.99Add to Cart
Wizard(12 pack) *$68.66Add to Cart
Viking(12 pack) *$58.94Add to Cart
Alpha (12 pack) *$98.09Add to Cart
Generic E2X (12 pack) *$98.09Add to Cart
Model Rocket Accessories/Parts
Designers Special *$71.99Out of stock
E Launch Controller *$29.69Add to Cart
Porta-Pad E Launch Pad *$27.89Add to Cart
Porta-Pad II Launch Pad *$17.09Add to Cart
Electron Beam Launch Controller *$22.49Add to Cart
Tube Marking Guide*$11.69Add to Cart
AltiTrak Altitude Tracker *$19.79Add to Cart
Emergencey Repair Kit -$16.79Out of stock
Blast Deflector Plate *$5.39Add to Cart
1/8" Two-Piece Launch Rod *$6.29Add to Cart
3/16" Two-Piece Maxi Rod *$10.79Add to Cart
12" Parachute Thin Mill 1.1 Ripstop Nylon$7.00Add to Cart
18" Parachute Thin Mill 1.1 Ripstop Nylon$9.05Add to Cart
24" Parachute Thin Mill 1.1 Ripstop Nylon$16.99Add to Cart
Recovery Wadding$5.49Add to Cart
Shock Cords & Mount Pack$5.39Add to Cart
Model Rocket Igniters$5.49Add to Cart
Launch Lug Pack$7.49Add to Cart
BT-5Body Tube (4 pack)$7.49Add to Cart
BT-20 Body Tube (4 pack)$8.29Add to Cart
BT-50 Body Tube (3 pack)$8.29Add to Cart
BT-55 Body Tube (3 pack)$8.79Add to Cart
BT-60 Body Tube (3 pack)$8.79Add to Cart
BT-80 Body Tube (2 pack)$8.79Add to Cart
Engine Hook Accessory Pack$5.49Add to Cart
Regular Engine Mount Kit$7.49Add to Cart
D & E Engine Mount Kit$10.79Add to Cart
NC-5 Nose Cone (5 pack)$5.49Add to Cart
NC-20Nose Cone (4 pack)$5.49Add to Cart
NC-50Nose Cone (5 pack)$8.99Add to Cart
NC-55Nose Cone (4 pack)$7.79Add to Cart
NC-56Nose Cone (4 pack)$7.79Add to Cart
NC-60Nose Cone (4 pack)$8.79Add to Cart
NC-80B Nose Cone single$4.49Add to Cart
Large Tube Coupler Pack (7 Asst.)$6.99Add to Cart

Rocket Kits

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